is a comfortable statistic process control (SPC) solution designed to create sophisticated statistic reports of your Production, Measuring or ERP data.

If you use STATISTICA (StatSoft Inc., USA) make use of our plug-in to build aStat reports of nearly any size.

aStat together with our Import and Control Tools provide self-acting data management including import of data, periodic reporting and distribution.

aStat - Initial Screen

Create reports by one click

Reports of Production, Measuring and ERP data
Show / hide fields
Any sequence and order
Select manually or by key inside of a field - aStat then updates all dependent columns right away
Select any number and any complexity of filters
Selecti any number of report contents
Select and combine different report formats for charts and tables

Part/Point Matrix Overview of scrap, lot number and part number
Lot/Point Outlier Histogram Overview of scrap with upper and lower tolerances and their violation
Point Table Summary of all measured points with tolerances and statistic values (e.g Cpk)
Process Analysis Graphic process analysis
Process Analysis QC Process analysis with quality control
Data table Table overview
... Alongside all other STATISTICA results can be integrated with plug-ins

All preselections, filters and contents are saved to a profile.
The whole setting can now be called up at one mouse click:
aStat displays the data according to preselection and creates - at one more click - a report due to definition.

Periodic Creating and Distribution of aStat reports by our tools
Alerts depending on statistic conditions, e.g. when exceeding a limit an e-mail is sent
Import of measurement and production data from any source (Q-DAS, XLS, customer databases)
Import from measuring points automatically in the background
In case of manual data acquisition from production APROPO XLS for MS-EXCEL will support the import to aStat
aStat is a FDA validated sample solution ( )
Top 20 of Innovation Award IT 2009 by the Initiative Mittelstand under patronage of the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie


aStat comes along with a database for Production and ERP Data.
Further it is possible to customise aStat for proprietary data structures.

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