"APROPO doesn't need business logics - it is the business logic itself!"
"APROPO executes complicated production with bravour - what others cannot manage or only with difficulties"
A.J., vicepresident, leading consultant 'Development of ERP worldwide')

"APROPO combines ERP, MES and shopfloor management in a easy way, and has a suprising large funcionality"
.A., vicepresident,leading scandinavian IT-consultant)

APROPO displays data in their logical or hiarerchical context, yielding natural structure und easy navigation.
That means great usability and fast navigation:
» You get your record with only 2 clicks on average
» The admin gets to configuration with only 4 clicks on average

Using APROPO project management you can even control any tasks beyond production very smartly.

APROPO focusses specially on production processes. Extre, large und useful technical information can be assigned to each production process : from QC calculation up to certificates and machine communication.


The APROPO architecture

The initial screen of APROPO provides direct access to all imortant functions by simple buttons.
Workflows and procedures are clearly arranged from left to right and can be grasped at a glance.
At the same time you can access data of various levels and sections. And out of any data mask you can access relevant data of other sections.

Very fast customizing makes possible to integrate new data structures within one day.

Focal point on production processes